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    Some remarkable years of INDIAN ART HISTORY............

·        1850     Madras College of Art is established.

·        1857     Bombay College of Art, later named as Sir J. J.  School of Art is      established.                                  

·        1913     Rabindranath Tagore receives the Nobel Prize for Literature for his book “GITANJALI”, he is the first non western to receive this honoured.

·        1921     Vishva Bharti Shantiniketan is inaugurated by Tagore.

·        1945      Dhoomimal Art Gallery is founded by Ram Babu Jain

·        1967     M.F. Husain wins the Golden Bear for his documentary in Berlin.  Souza Receives the Guggenheim International Award in     New York.

·        1973     Husain honoured by Padma Bhushan.

·        1987    The first auction of Indian Contemporary art is held in India and M.F. Husain’s “Mother Teresa” sells for Rs.5 lakh.

·        1987    National Institute of Fashion Technology established.

·        1996   Lalu Prasad Shaw participates in Whiteley’s London. Inauguration of the National Gallery of Modern Art, Mumbai

·        1999   Subodh Gupta has group exhibition as the Fukuoka Asian Art Triennial (Japan)

·        2000   Anjolie Ela Mennon honoured by Padma Shri Award.

·        2001    Christie’s successfully introduces Indian Contemporary painting to its Singapore Southeast Asian sale.

·        2001    Neville Tuli establishes India’s first auction house. Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art.

·        2004    Swarup Group of Industries agrees to buy 100 paintings of M.F. Husain’s for Rs.100 crore.

·        2004   Subodh Gupta’s artwork presented in New York.

·        2006   Artist Anjolie Ela Menon makes history by becoming the first Indian woman to show at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, Worlds greatest museum of traditional Asian art.

·        2011   M.F. Husain passed away in London.

                                                                                                               Sources: By Art Library, By Internet.

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