Saturday, February 23, 2013

Book reading right now...........

Namaste ,
              Yesterday I was shopping in the mall, then I went to my favorite section of the  shop ,Book Store where I pick the book by Dr. Wayne W. DyerDr.Wayne W.Dyer 's "CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS- CHNAGE YOUR LIFE" Living the wisdom of the Tao. This is not new realease but I do't know how I can'nt pick it eariler. This is very interesting book.
I am reading this book from yesterday night and I feel very fresh and complete reading on this weekend.
This book is  on the ancient wisdom of Lao-Tzu.
Why I  mention this book  in a blog ? Because I think this book is Life changing experience and everyone must read at least one time.
If you people, have any experience like this please share with everyone including me.................................