Monday, January 16, 2017

Chitra Santhe 14 Edition 2017

Chitra Santhe- This is an exhibition, which is solely dedicated to the painters. It happened that I got a chance to visit the 2017 edition of Chitra Santhe; I was awestruck, honestly. Organized in Bangalore, this is the biggest gathering of the painters organized in the southern India. Almost, 1000 painters become a part of this festival with their stalls, every year, but this year the count reached to 1400 artists. Various kinds of artists were seen during this festival and they attracted a crowd of lacs of people.

This expedition, Chitra Santhe 2017 wasn't organized in some hall or auditorium, but on the street where Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad is located; this year the area has been extended to create a comparatively larger area for artists as well as the visitors. Though, it was the largest art exhibition or gallery of south India, but it was successful in attracting artists from 16 states, isn't that tremendous?

All the painters were looking forwards to sell their art at whatever they thought was the appropriate price; paintings have a wide price range, inviting every kind of art lover.

I was indeed a badass start to my year. Ever imagined a world full of painter? Or ever spent a day with and around painters? What attracts you, face painter or sketch artists or indespicable crafters or some other form? Stop thinking and make a separate budget for buying these incredible paintings from some amazing painters during the next edition of this gathering, Chitra Santhe.