About us

Hello, I am Purnima Jain, a painter from the country of colors. I am a proud mom of a cute little baby and I love to paint. Painting is not just my passion but it's also something that I pursue professionally. I have been painting, since I was still a kid and it's my profession for last 10 years. I'm a commercial painter, who has been selling paintings to all around the world. To sharpen my skill towards the more professional side, I started teaching painting. I give lessons to the young painting aspirants, who I see are actually passionate for the same. I see this world with a different view; a view from the eyes of a painter, which is colorful. Not just painting, I am also involved in crafting for the same period of time, for which my passion level is again at some other level.

Panthers are known for their ability to portray the beauty of this world with their everlasting colors. I am a free soul, when it comes to painting and crafting because creativity has no boundaries. I, being an Indian, have a completely different aspect of looking at mythological tales. And, hence I love to portray it in my style, which is Indian style. You can always see a glimpse in context to that in my paintings. You can get some more and enough information about me, when I'm telling you that I am a self-taught artist, with a distinct flavor. Self-teaching myself has given me a lot more confidence and motivation to paint than I could have gotten from any trainer.

Whatever an artist is, it is all because of the inspirations and the imaginary world of the artist; and I'm no different. Every artist has a different source of inspiration and no limits can be applied to it. The main source of my inspiration is mother nature, spirituality and flowers. The kind of inspiration that I receive from nature gives me a tremendous amount of power to paint all my mind and soul on canvas. Spiritually is something, which is the ultimate purpose my life and to painting is just my kind of attempt towards its attainment. And what to say about flowers, they are my superlative and the ultimate inspiration to paint for me.